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Six Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Broadband Internet Package

Six Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Broadband Internet Package


Broadband Internet packages can offer you enhanced security, faster connection speeds and certain reassurances about connection repair. If you have investigated the broad concept of broadband service in the Bangladesh and are thinking that your particular business could benefit from opting one of these deals, it's time to begin the comparison process and find the deal that is best suited to your particular needs.

When you are comparing what is offered by different broadband service providers, make sure that you look into the following six things.

1) Download and Upload Speeds:

It stands to reason that your business will probably want the highest available speeds, as most businesses are heavy internet users thanks to the need for online communication, web site maintenance and so on. You will find download speeds that go all the way up to at least 10MB, and the higher end of the spectrum is often ideal though it will be more expensive. When looking at speeds, make sure you also have a look at the upload speeds, which will matter a great deal if your business sends large files or uploads them to a website. Ideally, you want a fibre optic broadband package if speed is one of your top concerns.

2) Contention Ratio:

In addition to the stated download and upload speeds, you should look at the contention ratio provided by different services, as this indicates the volume of traffic you can expect. The lower the ratio, the fewer users will be using the same service at the same time, allowing for faster speeds.

3) Level of Technical Support:

Many broadband service packages are marketed on the fast, reliable support that you can expect if your business suffers connection problems. You will want to pick a deal that guarantees that you can get hold of technical support personnel at any time of the day and states that your needs will be prioritized. In the best case, you will also see a guarantee that your service will always be restored within a particular number of hours or days.

4) Static IP Address:

If your broadband internet package comes with a static IP address (or allows you to obtain one for a small extra charge), this is a good bonus. With a static IP, you will be able to remotely access your data.

5) Networking Capabilities:

A good broadband service provider deal will let you network several computers, and the best will allow you to network a large number of them. This factor could be especially important if you have a large (or rapidly expanding) business.

6) Security Levels:

Finally, broadband internet service comes with certain assurances about your security, but the type and degree of this security will vary between services. For example, some will provide particularly good software protecting you against malware and viruses, will other deals will focus on giving you exception backup facilities to keep important files safe in the event of a catastrophic problem with your computers.