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Bas Network is in the business to connect the world. Founded in Dhaka, Bas Network has been providing services on high-speed fiber communications infrastructure for over a decade. At Bas Network, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and excellent customer service. Whether you are a sole trader, home user, or a small to medium business, we have the best broadband service package to suit you.

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With so many broadband suppliers and packages, it can be difficult to be sure you're getting the best service at the best price. We make it easy. By analyzing your current usage, we'll ensure you receive the best broadband service package that's right for you and your location.

Our Services

By using Bas Network internet services
you will be operating from a world-class technology platform that is effective from day one.

Home Entertainment
Watch your favourite TV shows On Demand via Movie streaming, Gaming Server or SMART TV without the hassle of buffering internet speeds.
Superfast Speed
Our end to end fibre network means all our services are symmetric with the same uplink and downlink speeds, perfects for these new applications. We offer speeds from 10Mbps to 80Mbps.
Future Proofed Technology
Our end to end optical fiber network is completely scalable to meet your future requirements. Once the fibre is installed to your premises there is no limit to the speeds you can enjoy.
All Your Favourites at Your Fingertips
Whether you’re sports crazy, movie-mad or an F1 fan – or just a game addict – Bas Network has got exactly what you want.

Who We Are

Faster internet plays a crucial role in communications. Be it at a corporate and personal level, better experiences are achieved when a connection to the web is faster, safe and reliable. In such an environment, the rate at which data is exchanged is amazing and so more exchanges occur. BAS NETWORK is an Internet Service Provider having Central Zonal license from Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Join our revolutionary BAS NETWORK to enjoy great Internet and Intranet multimedia experience over optical fibre and wireless connection.

Why Choose Bas Network?

We supply affordable, high speed and easy to set up broadband to rural and hard to reach areas.

Our new generation 11 service packages (6 Pacakages for Home users and 5 Pacakages for Corporate users) set new standards in price performance, starting from only 500 Taka per month for speeds of up to 10 Mbps. The wide range of competitively priced packages means there's bound to be one that's right for your home or business.

Our broadband internet service packages feature the lowest prices in the industry, installation in an hour or less, a 99.999% uptime guarantee, no loop charges, and no hidden fees.

Our professional installation service will get you connected and online quickly, smoothly and reliably - typically within just an hour, so you can book your installation via us with confidence.

Bas Network is committed to delivering an unrivalled customer experience - it’s at the heart of everything we do. All our customers have their own dedicated account manager who is accountable for both their installation and service.


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